Monday, 20 July 2009

Kings of Concrete - Ireland 2009

Lo-Down from Kings of Concrete...Organisers

Skateboarding, Blading, BMXing and breakdancing are all evolving urban sports that have established themselves as favoured youth activities on every continent across the globe. For a variety of reasons this faction of youth culture has remained largely unsupported and underdeveloped in Ireland. For too long we have had to find street spots off our own bat just to participate in the sports we are most passionate about. These spots typically have been unofficial and illegal. All too often security have removed skaters abruptly calling to a halt an otherwise perfect day. Subsequently we have had to become more resourceful and find new and interesting places to play. Most of these sites were privately owned buildings, centres of commerce and government offices. As we identified new spots the security grew in both presence and voracity.

Dark days for Irish youth culture ensued! If the security didn't prevent skateboarding the permanent skate stopping architecture did and to top it all off insurance for Irish skate parks has been near impossible to secure. Thankfully those dark days will soon be behind us. Due to the efforts of progressive politicians, active skate lobbyists (check out our links page) and some modern thinking in local authorities there has been a revolutionary breakthrough elevating the status of these activities to their rightful place in Irelands alternative sports portfolio. In 2006 the Irish government allocated E2million to develop 21 concrete skate parks around the country. These facilities will allow skaters / bladers / BMX'ers to develop and fine tune their skills. It will foster up and coming talent and give people the opportunity to become as good as their contemporaries anywhere in the world.

Kings of concrete is a celebration of this recent transformation. We hope to help build and sustain a platform to promote the wonderful variety of activities available for youth culture in Ireland today such as skating, inline blading, BMX, break dancing and graffiti amongst others.

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