Sunday, 19 July 2009

LSD Magazine - East End CD Placements

LSD Magazine - CD Placement

Thanks to Sonia for sending us these shots of our CD placements on July 1st. To mark the launch of LSD Magazine we produced 500 CDROMs containing the magazine and placed them around East London (mostly). We couldn't publish a magazine about street art and not place some on the streets. We got sent some Doco Banksy branded Di Faced Tenners so we added most of them to the packs. This guaranteed the CDROMs would be picked up as the illusion of a ten pound note held their attention. There were placed on many different surfaces including industrial dustbins, shop windows, bus stops, street art, lampposts, benches, and canal locks. It took around 3 hours to blitz Hackney, Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Hackney Wick. Graf-Shops in the USA, France, Italy and Holland produced their own CDROMs and were giving them to customers. Big Love to those stores and to everyone thats helping spread the word...

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  1. power to the doco and lsd ;)