Wednesday, 25 July 2012

UPHA (Ukrainian Photographers Alternative) presents Cult of Body

In association with Bardens Boudouir, Leisure presents the second of it's summer exhibitions at a brand new space in the heart of the East End. A group photography show 'Cult of the Body' by the UPHA - Ukrainian Photographers Alternative.

As the storm of Olympia congests over London, UPHA members present to you, a view of the body, stripped down, muscular, torn, naked, twisted, hidden, bare, pouting, bent over, lonely, a single room, three walls, crowded with prints. A body of work exposing the human form, both distorted and pure, through the eyes post communist Ukraine.

 Artists include:

 Vita Bujvid
 Roman Pyatkovka
 Aleksandr Chekmenev
 Sergey Melnitchenko
 Valentin Bobik
 Valera and Natasha Cherkashin
 Vasilisa Nezabarom and Juli Drozdek
 Marina Frolova
 Denis Kravets
 Elena Bulygina
 Jaroslav Solop
 Maria Vojnova

FRIDAY 26th July - Sunday 29th July
Thursday 2nd August - 5th August
36 Stoke Newington Road London, N16 7XJ


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