Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Graffiti Writers Arrested Across London Ahead of Olympic Games

The Olympic clean up has seen numerous so called potential troublemakers (deemed anarchists in the press) banned from within a 5 mile radius of the Olympic Park and other buildings commandeered by the Olympics. We're quite sure some of the said individuals have the capacity for civil unrest although the majority of the said defendants are nothing more than vocal.

Flash Forward to events reported online today via The London Vandal blog and we hear over thirty old skool graffiti writers were arrested on the same day in raids across the region. While some of them were reportedly completely retired from painting surfaces the vast majority of them only do legally commissioned work for respected companies.

The London Vandal blog goes on to say the writers were given harsh bail conditions banning them from using London Transport or going within one mile of any building used for Olympic purposes. Telephones, computers and photo albums were said to be also taken by police as evidence.

We're waiting to hear more reports…

Read the full story @ London Vandal

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