Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Brandalism 'Inspire a Generation'

Artwork criticising the policing of the London 2012 Olympics has been installed in East London yesterday  The artwork features the Olympic tagline "Inspire a Generation" and a group of overbearing police officers.

One of the installers Charlie Dempton, 24, said, "The absurd use of 'brand police' to protect corporate interests, the eviction of residents from their homes, the rounding up of graffitti artists with no legal basis -  these are  some of the Olympic legacies of London 2012.'

The installation of the artwork on a billboard in Bethnal Green was carried out by the Brandalism project, who last week completed the installation of 36 anti-advertising  artworks on billboards in five UK cities.  One of these previous artworks created by the Space Hijackers referenced some of words that are currently banned by LOCOG.

The artwork also featured the 'Official Protester' logo – a initiative created by the Space Hijackers to mock the number of official endorsements for a range of products and services.

Dempton continued, "What we're seeing with the Olympics exemplifies the problem with advertising more generally; that those with money can force their message on us. By accepting money from the likes of BP, Dow Chemicals and McDonalds, LOCOG are telling a new generation of young people that it's okay to devastate the environment, it's ok to ignore major chemical disasters and it is fine to eat junk food if you want to become an Olympic athlete."


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