Friday, 27 July 2012

Global Street Art of Dispatchwork

This is a great global street art project and anyone can join the international collective. We think its a well thought out idea that brings out the creative side of the people taking part. Contact them from details below and we hope to interview some of the collective real  soon...



 Tel Aviv

 New York

'Dispatchwork does not defy deterioration. Rather, it aims to emphasize transitoriness as a chance for the construction and reconstruction of our environments. Adapting to various cities, the project infiltrates walls of cultural heritage, historic facades, fortifications and yet many more less spectacular corners as a colorful repair of shabby walls within our shared spaces. Dispatchwork contradicts and satirizes the superimposed seriosity of constructions in the cityscape. Within all that rigidity and stiffness there are plenty of chances for your own creativity. The project also aims to put the focus on the playful, hands-on aspects of creation in our daily lives, and further, on the possibilities for participation to construe and design our own reality.  And although you may still find me out in the streets of your city adding locations to the map, more importantly, the project offers participation to anyone anywhere, who wants to join. People all over the world have sent me their own patches. The section called Dispatchers Worldwide, which in the amount of locations has quickly overtaken my own efforts, serves the purpose to share these photographs. With little governing, uncontrollably, it is constructed and still growing thanks to the many members and cooperators! Pictures sent to me are always published there (within some weeks, and as long as the patches are in public spaces).

Especially if you are part of an institution to organize such an event, please make sure to register free on the Dispatchwork Forum: www.when& to announce your session. Please keep in mind to have such project free of charge and open to anyone who wants to join, and please don't hesitate to contact us for support.'


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