Monday, 13 August 2012

Sweet Revenge Exhibition by Sweet Toof in HW until Sunday

Renowned street artist Sweet Toof has been tagging streets with his signature gummy teeth since 2005. A credible street artist and deep thinker. Sweet Toof has redefined some of the old masters and given them a new lease of life with a new demographic.

We popped into The Colour Works for his most recent show…Running Until Next SUNDAY…

LSD Magazine's Wayne Anthony

'Sweet Toof’s painting starts with and evolves out of his street art; whether as a solo graffiti artist or in collaboration with the esteemed Burning Candy crew.  Typical tags, throw-ups, and more elaborate pieces become a whole language which informs his studio works as it does his colleagues.  Like the streets of 1980’s New York, London’s streets today are being reclaimed by an ever increasing army of street artists of which Sweet Toof is one of the most prolific and artful.  Out there, under the swirl of lamplights, billboards and urban detritus, ‘bubble-Gums’ and pearly-Teeth’ push themselves up through the pavement cracks and concrete facades like anarchic plants refusing the flimsy, rootless, cheap order of modern life.' High Roller Society Website

Sweet Revenge
On Until Sunday 19 August 2012, free entry
The Colour Works
117 Wallis Road
Hackney E9 5LN

                                    High Roller Society


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