Friday, 10 August 2012

LSD Magazine says Banksy is a Fake

We were contacted by British newspaper Bournemouth Echo to comment on whether a recent stencil was an authentic / fake Banksy...and yes its a Fake!


'This image came across our desk today and we posted to our facebook group just 3 hours ago. So far over 7,000 people have looked at the image. Street art graffiti fans on our network are connected to global networks and therefore quite knowledgeable on this topic. We see no reason to endorse this stencil as Banksy. Its actually quite messy whereas Banksy paints much clearer lines especially when it comes to detail.
We know its debatable whether he does the painting himself and one could argue one of his team might've painted it. Banksy also has a tendency to move away from concepts already made public by his stencils. The original barcode series is much cleaner than this image.

None of the street art graffiti bloggers have posted anything about the image which makes its authenticity questionable. Banksy sources are completely ignoring the image leaving the media at large to play with this question. The person (s) that created this image probably did so as a way to get one over the media and gain some notoriety within personal circles. Stories about this fake Banksy goes toward giving the fake some financial value although we wouldn't pay for a piece. We'd be happy to accept one by post for free though.'

Wayne Anthony (Co-Editor)


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