Friday, 3 August 2012

Lovepiepenbrinck's - Piggy in Tank

Curators at the Tate in London were quietly amused this week when one of their staff found this piece on the Tate doorstep. An insider claims they actually found it very funny although they couldn't publicly admit to even knowing of its existence due to their ongoing relationship with Hirst. 

This is the second time the name Hirst has ever been mentioned on this blog due to the Hirst v Cartrain court case which saw the young street artist coughing up Fine Money for a piss take of Hirst's multi-million pound diamond encrusted skull. 

Street Artist lovepiepenbrinck has claimed responsibility for what was named 'the physical possibility of beeing a shark in the mind of a living piggy' If indeed it does come to the attention of Hirst we hope lovepiepenbrinck has a good strong Safe Room. Its believed they caught the young street artist Cartrain by tracking him home via CCTV!



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