Monday, 20 June 2011

Wayne Anthony v Graffiti Removal Bloke in Leake Street June 20 2011

There i was minding my own business taking shots of street art graffiti in one of London's 'Legal' spots when up rolls a graffiti removal van. At Leake Street artists are only allowed to paint down the tunnel and not on the gray walls being buffed. Fair enough given the amount of wall space in the tunnel. So every week or so a graffiti removal unit comes and removes it. I was on the spot and decided to shoot it as its not very often i get to film graffiti being removed... Im not sure what it is about wearing an official looking high res jacket that's makes the wearer think they have power over you...If it's in public space then you can shoot it, how else do you think councils get away with CCTV on public streets...Short of filming kids you can do what you want...Shot Today - I'll put the whole vid up later...



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  2. I just can`t understand why do they have to remove the graffiti? After all isn`t that why it is allowed for the artists to paint the walls?
    That's kind of absurd don`t you think?