Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Class of 88 - The Authors Cut on Kindle - OUT NOW!

LSD Magazine Co-Founder / Co-Editor 
Wayne Anthony Rides Again

The Special Edition 2011 has been completely rewritten and now includes brand new stories from Wayne Anthony’s epic journey into the world of Acid House and the organisers that staged some of the biggest illegal warehouse parties in the history Great Britain. The party promoter was the first amongst his contemporaries to tell his true story to the world. Genesis is one of the founding companies that created and neutered a platform for large-scale all night dance parties. This brought Wayne and his Genesis partners to the attention of gun totting mercenaries, well known gangsters, bank robbers, and members of parliament, riot squads though worse of all The Media. This true story tells the epic tale of England’s biggest sub-cultural movement that began on the Island’s of Ibiza and Tenerife in 1987. The influence of promoters such as Wayne Anthony can be felt in almost every dance music venue in the world today. Twenty years on this Special Edition delves even further into the history of the worlds biggest Acid House promoters. 

Over 100 Added Pages
Paperback Coming Later so for now: EXCLUSIVELY on KINDLE


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