Monday, 13 June 2011

Marko Maglaic Solo Exhibition 17th June - 3rd July - Australia


Marko Maglaic "Queen Victoria’s Flying Machine" Solo Exhibit.

Opening to General Public Friday the 17th of June, showing until Sunday 3rd of July.
*Please contact Rtist ASAP for invitations to the private showing.

Croatian born artist Marko Maglaic (1972- ) believes his paintings come from a spiritual, logical, yet simultaneously chaotic, place. As an artist he strives to depict fact, myth, life, love, death and the eternal struggle of mankind. For Maglaic the enemy is time, as love or hate are of no consequence with its passing. He demands his art be thoroughly scrutinized by the viewer, to discover the works' truthful emotions. To act as a kind of raw sub-conscious, opening up new truths and providing evidence of a higher existence.

Maglaic's art is tribal and graffiti-like. It has drawn comparison with Australian painter David Larwill (1956-) and the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988). Like Larwill, Maglaic's humanoids are angry, sullen and bewildered, yet somehow manage to possess serendipity. Their connection to each other is a kaleidoscope of irrational relationships. His picture plane is crowded with animated human figures, often mask-faced, arrows, words, phrases, numbers, dogs and urban decay. Likewise with Basquiat, Maglaic creates a dense, rich, glamour-strange mix of graffiti. The images and words lunge at the viewer with striking faces and figures, colour strong and random, yet subtle and convulsively sophisticated.

In the spirit of Larwill, Basquiat and ultimately Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985), Marko Maglaic's paintings establish themselves through their unique post-modern beauty, making odd things work with an extraordinary force. He has his own nomadism covering a kaleidoscope of expressionism and figuration. Maglaic explores the complexities and diversities of modern urban life by embodying his pictures with a jarring psychological strength.

Since becoming a favorite amongst art collectors in Melbourne and Sydney. With solo shows at iconic Kozminsky(Melbourne) and Soho(Sydney) galleries. So steady is Maglaic’s following that Alexandra Wilcox of The Financial Review mentions Maglaic’s work as an affordable entry into the world of art investment. “Imagine an investment that brings joy and wealth”writes Wilcox. Magalaic's first solo show in over two years, is sure to impress, surprise and memorize its viewers. Works depict a spectrum of modern day life, exploring subjects such as the aforementioned. Please hold onto your hats as your mind's eye takes flight in a financial journey of discovery. Marko Maglaic's "Queen Victoria's Flying Machine" at Rtist Gallery, enjoy the ride.

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