Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pens and Needles - Tattoo Art and Lifestyle (Feb 25th)

Pens and Needles - A group exhibition celebrating tattoo art and lifestyle. Opening reception: Friday, February 25th 2011. 7pm to 11pm.  

London Miles Gallery is proud to present Pens and Needles an art exhibition celebrating all aspects of tattoo art, culture, and lifestyle. The exhibition will feature original artwork, tattoo stencils and photographs from more than 20 top international tattoo artists and photographers.  
The opening night will be a memorable occasion with live tattooing, DJ's, and a large-scale installation transforming one corner of the lavish Westbourne Studios surroundings into its own temporary pop-up tattoo parlour.  

Opening up tattoo culture to a wider audience and showcasing the immense talents of the artists that shape the tattoo industry, Pens and Needles will offer an artistic insight into the still often-stigmatised social practice of tattoo art and body-modification. With skills not only in the tattoo field, these individuals also work with painterly mediums such as acrylic and oil on more 'traditional' canvases. Tattoo art has shaped cultures, trends, and identities across history - from ancient Maori and Japanese tattoo art to the markings of gang members and modern day trendsetters of a younger generation. Here, Pens and Needles will cover a bit of everything from across this complex and often-controversial subcultural art form.  

The opening reception is on Friday, February 25th 2011 at London Miles Gallery. 

  This is one London art exhibition seriously not to miss - come and enjoy the show and even feel free to contribute with your own display of flesh art!  

Confirmed Artists: Shawn Barber, Claudia Sabe, Mike Davis, Matt Difa, Xam, Olli Bery, Daniel Albrigo, Holy Fox, Jeff Gogue, Tom Bagshaw, Alex Young, Shad, Jondix, Jee Sayalero, Gustavo Rimada, Cate Rangle, Estevan Oriol, Lea Nahon, Bart Bingham, Rico, Horishion, Issac Fainkujen, Nick Baxter, Nick Colella and more to come. Feb. 25th 2011 to March 7th 2011 London Miles Gallery 242 Acklam Road. Westbourne Studios. London. W10 5JJ. 



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