Monday, 7 February 2011

Another 25 Amazing Soviet Union Posters 1980s

We've posted more Soviet Union posters from the mid-eighties because we got such a great response from many people and many artists whom by their own words are inspired by the collection. We too feel inspired by the great artwork that just wouldn't look out of place today. We know there was much propaganda from all sides but when we think back to the mid-eighties all we really remember were the statements coming from America warning us that the Reds have their fingers on the button. Just one look at the posters from the period immediately tells a different tale.  LSD are more than happy to help breath life back into these marvelous artworks. Never forget the importance of art in any people movement, what you create today may be seen decades in the future by another generation of people, who like us today, stare in awe of those creative moments in history.

What will they say about this generation of street art graffiti aficionados?

Trivia: Although most people think the Soviet's or Chinese created Communism it was in fact a European invention thats was transported to those countries…

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