Saturday, 11 December 2010

Street Artist 'Stik' by Claude London

LSD Magazine photographer Claude London has been shooting the likes of Andy Warhol since the sixties. He instantly recognised something special was happening on the streets of London and made it his job to document as much street art as possible. So far the man is doing a sterling job and we often see him out snapping the most recent wall creations. He has been documenting artist Stik's work and probably has more shots of this artist than anyone else including LSD Magazine (and we get out alot). We posted some shots here but for the full list be sure to visit Claude's flickr pages... The URL follows the shots...

FOOTNOTE: We at LSD Magazine are often asked why we always feature Stik in every issue. It's really quite simple Stik is one of the few artists that actually contacts us when going out working. So we're happy to follow him along and snap the fresh images for the magazine. 

If you'd like one of our lads to tag along with you for fresh shots of your work then please contact us with images of your street work and we'll go from there...

Photos Courtesy of LSD Photographer: Claude London  

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