Friday, 17 December 2010

LSD Magazine Interviews Irish Street Artist KARMA (Issue 6)


How long you been painting walls?

I was thinking about it for years before I hit the streets. A combination of factors in my life all happened at once,freeing me and my mind to go and pursue happiness.That journey lead me onto the streets to paint .I practiced at home first making small stencils turning them into artwork for my walls .When I felt the time was right to go paint the streets I went for it and have never looked back.It's a way of life.

What made you choose the stencil format?

Because it allows me to produce the amount of detail I'm trying to achieve, being able to spray quickly on the streets is essential if your not into getting caught.I was also drawn towards the dedication and determination you need for such a craft.I love the whole process from start to finish.

Do you think stencil art gets the credit it deserves from the wider community?

I really think it does.

How responsive are Iocal people to your art?

Local people have been great. Ireland is bursting with creatives who appreciate street art for what it is, art.

Have you been arrested on the job?

No, I've never been arrested on the job but I've had some really close calls.So,I hope I'm not tempting fate by answering this one.I've been very lucky so far.

Do you do many collaborations or prefer working alone?

I'm self taught but to be honest I'm always learning.I don't think you can ever stop learning. I have to say though, it's easy teaching yourself something you love.

How popular is street art today in Ireland?

This is not a fame game for me . If the media is writing about street art in a positive way ,then great but I have no interest in having my face in the lights.


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