Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Drax and Robbo Wanted 4 Tagging Iraqi Frontline

Nato, Allied Forces & Iraqi Law Enforcement Agencies were last night on the hunt for London graffiti writers Drax and Robbo. The writers were last seen tagging this wall in enemy territory and photographed by an 'enemy of the state'. A friend of a friend of the writers, another anonymous graffiti writer told us 'Drax and Robbo wanted to take it to the next level. They been painting for 25 years and really needed another challenge to end all challenges. Especially Robbo he's a family man, been out the loop for a few years. Well at least till Banksy buffed that classic piece in Camden, brought old Robbo out of retirement'.

Another anonymous graffiti artist said 'they got the paint, uniforms and weapons from another Iraqi graffiti writer they met on the internet. He did some commissions for American soldiers and got the kit from them.' The Iraqi graffiti artist who at present appears to have kept his name from the media but still has managed to broadcast messages over the internet urging 'graffiti writers from around the world come to Iraq. We have lots of paint and hundreds of very high profile blank canvases. We can get you in and out without security hazards. We writers in Iraq respect all writers, but please, we guarantee unique experience, everybody gets to go home'

Nato Forces are on high alert and publicly announced 'they cannot guarantee the safety of vandals wishing to enter Iraq and vandalise property'. A high ranking official said 'Anyone acting suspicious in the enemy zones will be shot on sight and individuals choosing to wear combat fatigues risk arrest and imprisonment'.

Graffiti message forums around the globe have been buzzing with the news. It's been said that over 250 graffiti writers are currently on route to Iraq. Governments on all boarders are urging the writers to stay away from the war zones but the writers themselves argue that 'if Drax and Robbo can get away it we're gonna try our luck. We're not traitors its about getting your name up in a high profile spot. Its always been about that'.


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