Tuesday, 6 November 2012

LSD Magazine Photo Dump - October pt.2

Our Facebook page is highly interactive receiving hundreds of thousands of content Likes each week. As most readers of LSD Magazine already know we use the Facebook page and our blog to post various images etc etc that we don't publish in our magazine. Lately we've been posting a colossal amount of content to Facebook which may not see the light of day again on the LSD Network. So we've decided to post a selection of images posted on Facebook for the month of October. As we said we post a lot of content so wont be posting everything...If you'd like to know the artists and their links we suggest going through the month of October on our Facebook Page...

Recycling Watches

Recycling Cassette Tapes
Jeff Aerosol - Paris
Recycling Cassette Tapes


hola saludos de Mexico de kabeza fcr



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