Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Endoftheline Crew Doing Their Thang!

The Endoftheline Crew have been busy working on various collaborations with selected artists such as Lister, Probs, VHILS and our old mate Zadok...

 Although folks have gotten used to seeing Aussie artist Lister painting in the style above. The graffiti below was also done by Mister Lister

 Friend of LSD Magazine Zadok doing his thang..

       Probs and Dielooted's Izer

Probs was able to get out to the King John Car Park and finish off his Avengers piece that he started 5 months ago!!! Due to the Hackney House tent that went up in the summer this piece was put on hold but man it was worth the wait. His Goodies Vs Baddies Avengers wall was a monumental triumph and definitely worth a look if you are in the area. There's a Lister piece there too, surprise surprise....

 Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka VHILS
 Rockwell House! Hewett Street EC2A

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