Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Norman Parker - In the Realm of the Soul (new free book)

Norman Parker spent 24 years in Britain's hardest prisons before emerging transformed from time spent away into a prolific serial writer and TV / Film narrator. Norman is a friend of Wayne's so LSD were lucky enough to be granted unlimited access to his books for stories in the magazine. Norman has been pretty busy working on films and TV projects so its been hard to pin the man down to catch up with his exploits. 

Norman's latest offering is a book called In the Realm of the Soul. Anyone thats spent so much time away has clearly done much soul searching but before Norman went away many moons ago and since he came out of prison the man has lead an extremely colorful life. Mr Parker is old school which usually equates to the persona of a perfect gentlemen, well mannered and groomed in every aspect of his life. They just dont build them like the Norman Parker's of this world any more. Follow yet another epic mind fuck adventure in exotic locations dotted round the world. Parker's Tales are the true stories of a man on a journey and the latest book In the Realm's of the Soul are testament to the uniqueness of Norman Parker.

Norman is giving digital copies of the book away for FREE at his website...Go Now and download (no sign ups / registering)

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