Monday, 11 October 2010

Banksy Tags The Simpson's - Removed

Our man on the inside Banksy has recently been sanctioned by Hollywood studios, by this of course we're not speaking of the said studios near Dagenham, Essex, no we mean the proper Hollywood. Since Exit through the Gift Shop became a roaring success for Banksy and dare i say it 'Mr Brainwash' What it did show was that some things never change. Respected artists throughout the ages have employed the skills of others to construct their visions and why not, after-all for some its the idea, for others the texture, shape or form but does it really matter whether the artist makes the art themselves. This is something collectors will find out in the future and when they discover the work was created en-mass by an army of bionic helpers. Will the piece retain the same value as if the artist himself made the work or will the actual artist's piece be worth more purely because they did it. How many artists do you think are out there creating hundreds or in Brainwashes case thousands of art pieces for their shows? A tiny handful of artists have achieved this level of appreciation and globe attention. Banksy has put in the hardwork and now reaps rewards which no-one can take away from him.

Today the Simpson's Tomorrow Boondocks...

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