Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Old Skool Graffiti Head Busk on Mushrooms

Busk has been in the game close on twenty five years now and has painted an array of surfaces, characters, letters, portraits, abstracts, photo-realism and then some… Busk commands great respect in his chosen field by other writers and artists though lately our boy has been on the mushrooms. Now before anyone goes rushing off to grab some handcuffs and boot the poor lads door down, we are of course speaking of the painted variety.

Busk himself says 'Im painting mushrooms and don't care if no-one likes them, its what i want to paint. Its all about mushrooms right now' We of course expected him to say magic mushrooms, Amanita Muscaria and a bunch of other hallucinogenic  fungi to which he un-interestingly replied 'maybe' . We pushed a little more…what no magic mushrooms, you losing the plot or what. You cant do mushrooms without any magic…can you…Listen said the botanist 'there will be magic but not the kind your hoping for, there's thousands of amazing looking fungi out there'  He showed us some online shots and we too were amazed at the shapes and form of countless fungi. Though as he left the office we shoved our prized Plant of the Gods (Richard Schultes, Albert Hofmann etc) in his bag and live in hope of a big ass muscaria...


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