Friday, 17 September 2010

LSD Magazine - Flashbacks - Our First Video

Here's a wee flashback to the first viral video we did for LSD Magazine Issue One. I got Sirius23 to write a big brother type script and provide the voice of big bro which i then recorded over Skype on to dictaphone. I utilised my Apple qualification and knocked up something we hoped could attract attention because we had zero marketing budget. We had to do it the old fashion way. Grassroots up...

We're happy to say since mid February we have had over 300,000 unique readers and 1.7 million unique page views...thanks for the continued support but please show your support anytime you can by joining our FB page, Add us on MySpace, Friend us up on Youtube and everything else your  part of that involves sharing...


  1. Thanx for your kind comment! What do u mean when you say get the designs on the walls? Street Art?

    Sorry it's probably just me being alittle bit dim! :-)

  2. Hey Prad cant remember saying that but if we did then its street art graffiti... nice one

  3. Get your designs on walls to give your range an urban grounding...