Thursday, 10 June 2010

Old Street Corporate Street Art Hoardings

Its good to see property developers taking a step closer to actually working with street / graffiti artists. Instead of leaving a huge blank space screaming to be painted the company appears to have commissioned Judith Supine to shoot a series of photos which were then selected to grace hoardings in Old Street. This is a positive step in the right direction and contractors minutes down the road should take note. Rather than just buff (clean, paint over) walls why not commission artists to paint the hoardings once a month. This will bode well with locals and visitors to the area who are mostly attracted to the place because of the street art graffiti. So here we present a series of photos of street art photography pasted onto the construction hoardings in Old Street… erm' its kinda street isn't it?


  1. it's a very innovative concept. your right it would be cool if contractors commissioned this work. it would make the world a more interesting place. check out the pictures i took around shoreditch.

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