Tuesday, 16 March 2010

K-Guy Art Installation - Get Involved

A message from our friend and leading artist K-Guy;

A while back I was asked to submit a proposal to produce a piece of
work which if selected, would be included for the 'No Holds Barred'
special project at Art Amsterdam 2010. I have attached a link below
of my proposal and a short 3D flythrough model for an installation
called 'No Blood On Your Hands' which amazingly has been selected by
an independent panel of judges from 89 other artists to be worthy of
inclusion in the exhibition.


Now here's the but.... my only problem with producing this properly
and to a high spec is to somehow get some additional funding. Over
the last couple of weeks I have been getting quotes together and it
is working out at about £5K which I just don't have rattling around
in my bank account. I've got about £2k sorted but definitely need
more. I am currently wading through the arts council funding
application which is very painful and have considered corporate
sponsors/companies/brands but my feeling is that the content of the
material will make them run a mile. Having said that, if there is
such a benefactor I have no problem with branding the exterior of the
installation i.e. sponsored by........for example.

If anyone out there knows someone with deep pockets willing to throw
some cash into an art project that will be seen by about 23,000
people and 130 galleries worldwide, please push them in my direction.
I would be massively appreciative of any ideas, thoughts etc.

Cheers. K.

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