Monday, 1 March 2010

East meets East - Show Opening 4th March

Some great artists are lined up for this event including LSD comrade Busk. As followers of the blog already know we've been filming Busk creating a number of works for this show. We've had a sneak preview of the works from the other featured artists and we have to say its gonna be a good show. Come and see what some of the leading faces in the industry are doing in 2010. If you have some cash handy then bring with as all the art on show is up for sale... Come down and have a few drinks with us on Thursday...See u Then...


Look out for the Fox Transport ART BUS tomorrow night (Thu 4 March). Driver Mandy will run a FREE shuttle between Pudding Mill Lane DLR, Hackney Wick station and Forman's Smokehouse Gallery (EAST MEETS EAST) between 6pm and 9pm. If there's time, Mandy will also do a run to Vyner Street so keep an eye out for her and ...jump on board! BANGING OUR BEAKS AGAINST THE BARK at Stour Space is next door.

Approx pickup times are:

18:00 - Pudding Mill Lane
18:25 - Hackney Wick Station
18.45 - Pudding Mill Lane
19.25 - Hackney Wick Station
19.45 - Pudding Mill Lane

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