Friday, 12 July 2013

The Fifty Four Plates - Rescue Me

We think its pretty obvious that we don't support TV talent shows such as X-Factor, The Voice or Britain's Got Talent. That doesn't take away the fact that many of these TV shows participants clearly do have talent and our respect goes out to those individuals. Its the robotic capital raising mechanics of the zoo like production houses behind the short term campaigns that leave a bitter taste. TV audiences actually believe the best talent in the UK are lining up to perform in front of pop music's sanctioned judges when in reality they are steering clear of the butcher houses deemed talent shows.

Just off the beaten track you can find homemade artistes sticking to their grassroots foundations and doing it the old fashion way. By actually getting out there and playing their socks off. Essex born band The Fifity Four Plates are causing a considerable stir within the ranks of the industry and further afield where it counts (the music fans).

First off their called The Fifty Four Plates in homage to William Blake which indicates a certain depth that of late has been lacking on the Brit scene. Before you go off to research Blake's 54 plates take time out to watch this video…The lads have even managed to persuade hard man and film actor Tamer Hassan to star in this video…

See them live this weekend - SATURDAY 13TH JULY @ Village Green Festival, Chalkwell Park. Southend on Sea. SS0 8NB

At long last something credible outside of the TOWIE Cult fixation in mainline Essex...Here is their DEBUT SINGLE RELEASE   'RESCUE ME'

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