Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Save South Bank - Save Undercroft Skate Park

The South Bank was one of London's first (if not the first) skate parks / official graffiti hall of fame...Long has the grassroots tradition been championed by numerous skaters, graffiti writers, street artists. Its a live gallery which changes everyday and attracts thousands of visitors a day that love to photograph the skaters and art. This is a shrine to London's appreciation of its natural born talent and aspiring artists. In the past the Hall of Fame has been supported by numerous MPs, Mayors, corporations but mainly by the people that were naturally drawn to the location since its inception in the 1980s...Countless graffiti giants, skate boarding legends, bmx wizards from around the world have visited London's oldest park...while the home grown talent homed their skills daily 

Right now plans are in the process to demolish the skate park to make way for retail outlets...

Visit the Website and join the Save South Bank Campaign

To be a part of the Consultation Process

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