Tuesday, 12 March 2013

LSD Magazine - Issue 10 - INCEPTION

Dear Friends, Art Lovers, Vandals, Music Heads and Creatives...It's Here Baby...

500 Finger-Licking Pages of Global Artistry Wrapped with Love and Light...LSD Magazine has so far stood the test of time and still remains completely FREE and totally dynamic. In-depth Interviews with some of the people that make this world a colourful place to exist. Art from all corners of the planet and insight from players on the front-lines of today's thriving music scene. Rounded off with enough Headfood to feed the afflictions of the bright and the bold...Skidding deep into the circuitry of the mind and the freestyle flows of the soul, LSD Magazine – Issue 10 - INCEPTION is out now. Rammed with eye popping art, pulsating music, a maelstrom of ideas and a wry wink of humour, the issue is free to read and free to download so please do share far and wide...

Big Love - Wayne Anthony (c88) & Sirius23

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  1. ThanksLSD for the nice informative post about 10 major issues regarding magazine.