Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Graffiti on Girls International Calendar 2013 - Out Now

Its that time of year again when every known figure and their dog releases a calender of specialised photos for adoration throughout the year. There was a time (roughly 30 years ago) that we might've hung such a calender on a wall but these days who in the world wants some celebrity adorning a space you'd have to look at everyday. Then last year out of the blue we were sent the Graffiti on Girls International Calendar which marked the beginning of a christmas ritual we plan to continue for as long as Chris and the heads at Is This The Future keep producing them. As adults it does take a little consideration but once over the initial 'there's a naked girl hanging on your wall' from the ladies of Team LSD, we must remember why we are all here. We know why we're staring at those lines and curves but we cant vouch for everyone. The calendars are out now...Get your hands on one ASAP...


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