Wednesday, 12 October 2011

LSD Magazine New QR Codes - Looking Good

LSD Magazine has had over 5 Million Unique Page Views in approx 20 months. This has been achieved using only online viral marketing techniques implemented by Wayne and team. LSD has never used any printed media or paid advertising which means sitting in front of computers 7 days a week! We deploy various methods of tracking exactly what we're doing as we really do need to know if a campaign is working because we only have two people running the entire campaign and for no money (bigger picture). 

We recently started using QR Codes and was more than happy when contacted by a newly launched company whom design QR Codes on Steroids. The next generation of QR coding is looking pretty exciting and may well bring our QR Code usage in line with the rest of Europe. Lets be honest as much as QR codes are essential they're not exactly pleasing to the eye. The team at QR-Reactor have the solution in hand. They can design your own uniquely branded fully track-able QR Codes so yours stands out from the rest. We're gonna be working with the lads so you will be seeing a lot more codes like the LSD Magazine one. 

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