Saturday, 15 January 2011

Karma on Prowl in Streets of Amsterdam

This work is so fresh that the artist hasn't even woke up from painting it last night (friday) Irish street art sensation Karma is currently on the prowl in Holland's Amsterdam. We're not sure how long he's there but we're gonna try to hook him up with another artist interviewed in LSD Magazine and that's the stencil supremo FAKE... we'll see how that goes... Meanwhile back on the ranch, keep out of trouble Karma.... Dont do anything that Team LSD wouldn't do....

Read Karma's Interview in latest edition of LSD Magazine - Stand and Deliver

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  1. I saw two of his works in Amsterdam - one in July of a little girl watering tulips - where the tulips were planted into the soil (someone stole a tulip overnight the bastard) and since I wasn't familiar with "Karma", I thought it might be a Banksy even. This trip I spotted another as well. Here are links to the photos and