Friday, 30 July 2010

Old Skool graffiti artist Busk Paints Lord Napier

Old Skool graffiti artist Busk relived part of his youth as he threw up his calling sign on the Lord Napier pub. In days gone by no permission would be sought for this particular hideaway in Hackney Wick. Today though, Busk has the full permission of the owner Paul which was better than nailing all the doors shut from the outside with any threats locked silently within the four walls. Yes, Paul is sound as a pound and even offers the space for artist to exhibit their wares. Meanwhile Busk was attracting the most attention for spraying gold paint on the wall, to the untrained eye it looked, well, they couldn't be sure. Someone asked me if it was Banksy i said if he could spray lines like that i dont think he'd be doing stencils but then again he just might. As Busk finished tarnishing the red walls gold, graffiti legend Snoe began throwing up his piece on the other outside wall.

A host of artists (including Run, Cept, Discreet) were on the streets painting walls for the Hackney Wicked Arts Festival in 'erm Hackney Wick. Trains run direct to the station... Tomorrow and Sunday dozens of well known street / graffiti artists will be painting live on the streets throughout the event... We'll be down there and say hello...