Monday, 5 April 2010

Adidas TV Commercial - Street Art Hackney

This commercial was shot in Hackney Wick and to be fair Adidas has been shooting commercials in Hackney for years. I remember seeing the worlds top footballers shooting an ad in Hackney Marshes.
Firstly we know what sharks companies of this size really are and we don't want our blog closed down by some hotshot lawyer pricks.  So even though you may be wearing a pair of 3 stripes at this very moment, its important to remember that most of these labels use countries where certain laws are relaxed and forced child labor is normal practice.  Countries that have already suffered massive economic disruption by folks called Economic Hitmen...

In this energy packed TV Commercial you'll find street art and graffiti created by the likes of Busk, Xenz, Chu and many others. Sadly the real heroes of the tv commercial did not get paid...


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