Saturday, 17 October 2009

London Coolest Street Gallery and Hang Out (Mutate Britain)

Mutate Britain's 'One Foot in the Grove'

Calling all street art lovers, graffiti heads, purists, sci-fi fans, artists, punks, rasta's, bald-heads, originals skinheads, activists, reclaim the streets brigade, art collectors, comic book designers, retro addicts, right brainers, creatives, their dogs and all that know yee plus all the fam... If you dont experience all that Mutate and a collective of current street artists and graffiti writers have to offer by way of One Foot in the Grove. We think its fair to say you'll miss out on one of London's historic social art collectives stretching back to the 1980s. In true Mutoid fashion the lads have gathered a motley crew of the UKs street art guerillas and molded them together into an extravaganza of color, metal and paint.

A tremendous amount of work and preparation has gone into creating this urban dreamscape and everyone has chipped in and done their bit regardless of how big or small a role it may be. Dozens of people have given up their time to complete this vision and we at LSD are marveled by the workmanship.

How much on the door £10 No! £8 No! £5 No! £3 Only after 6pm Irons at the gates £1 yes £1...

Street art is growing and growing and not just in the middle class sector. Here you'll find affordable art work from not only top boys but up and coming names as well. We all hang art on our walls so why not invest in a limited edition at prices that you'd spend in a resturant. Its shit like this that makes the UK an exciting place to be right now for artists, collectors and aficionados. This is the place to Be...

'And just like that they were gone'
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