Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Matrix VI – Wayfarers of Reality

Matrix VI – Wayfarers of Reality – The Quest for Experience,
May 2007, Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm, WA 98597. Edited by Val Valerian, 8½ x 11 Velo Bound, 534 pages.
(Not a continuation of the M5 material, but a brand new project.)

We are all wayfarers, travelers in reality, each with our own unique individual journey, filled with hopes and dreams, discoveries, disasters, experiential loops, synchronicities, 20-20 hindsight and realizations which make up our experiential journey and our individual progression and the expansion of our awareness. What have you learned, upon reflection? What patterns in your life do you discern? What were the progression of events? What were the synchronicities? What were the experiential loops and the major decisions in life? What was the wisdom learned?

Since the Matrix V Trilogy addressed the individual and incarnational experience, the logical next step, in my mind, was to document the incarnational experiences of individuals, allowing readers to gain vicariously from anonymous accounts by other individuals and their retrospective review of their lives, according to intuitively developed guidelines. Wayfarers of Reality was the result. The perfect companion for those who have the Matrix V Trilogy! The book has stories from people like you, from all over the planet, detailing their unique evolutionary journey and their retrospective review. From the readers point of view, there is something that can be said for vicarious experience - what people go through and discover about themselves can be inspiring, and spur us on to greater experiences within our own unique path. The guidelines used in this project are also included, allowing the reader to also generate their own 'life review', which is itself a very cathartic process. The book leads off with an interview with Val done in Seattle and winds up with an an analysis of parameters of wild card events generated from the center of our Galaxy which will no doubt be part of EndGame.

LSD NOTE: This series of booklets (some are 1,000 pages) began in 1988 and i was lucky enough to find out about them and purchase my own under the counter copy in Australia 1995 cost me £100 each...Now i have 5...Makes the film look tame... Visit the Site TruFax

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