Saturday 27 July 2013

LSD Magazine - We Have Moved House

Visitors to this blog will have noticed a lack in blog posts this year as most of our time has been spent promoting our latest Issue 10 - Inception. We then decided we needed an updated website but with no budget and a team of two it seemed unlikely. Over a three year period we'd published thousands of pages in the ten issues we produced and carved our name in the sand of this particular industry. LSD Magazine has always been a labor of love for both Wayne Anthony and Sirius23. We have dedicated three years to the magazine and not received a single penny from this endeavor as the venture was more about promoting grassroots creativity. 

So with no budget and no web building skills we had no choice but to watch many youtube videos and try to build the website in-house and for no money. Alas no money doesn't mean it wont be bad-ass...  Both Sirius23 and I had to learn many new software applications to put the magazine together as we've never been the type to let skill-set or funding hold us back. 

Tuning into Youtube came naturally for the task of putting thousands of pages online and in a coherent manner. Not quite sure how well we did on the coherent front as we're both from creative backgrounds and cant adapt as well in straight lines. This is the first proper website we've ever built and we learned the process from

OK, so it wont be perfect and there are many tweaks to be resolved over coming weeks and more content to be added but we'd like to invite you to a sneak preview...Please Update your bookmarks etc as our new home is on the network and no longer on .com

We'd also like to take this moment to thank all our regular contributors for their gallant efforts in bringing quality content to the network. Big Love x

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