Saturday 27 July 2013

LSD Magazine - We Have Moved House

Visitors to this blog will have noticed a lack in blog posts this year as most of our time has been spent promoting our latest Issue 10 - Inception. We then decided we needed an updated website but with no budget and a team of two it seemed unlikely. Over a three year period we'd published thousands of pages in the ten issues we produced and carved our name in the sand of this particular industry. LSD Magazine has always been a labor of love for both Wayne Anthony and Sirius23. We have dedicated three years to the magazine and not received a single penny from this endeavor as the venture was more about promoting grassroots creativity. 

So with no budget and no web building skills we had no choice but to watch many youtube videos and try to build the website in-house and for no money. Alas no money doesn't mean it wont be bad-ass...  Both Sirius23 and I had to learn many new software applications to put the magazine together as we've never been the type to let skill-set or funding hold us back. 

Tuning into Youtube came naturally for the task of putting thousands of pages online and in a coherent manner. Not quite sure how well we did on the coherent front as we're both from creative backgrounds and cant adapt as well in straight lines. This is the first proper website we've ever built and we learned the process from

OK, so it wont be perfect and there are many tweaks to be resolved over coming weeks and more content to be added but we'd like to invite you to a sneak preview...Please Update your bookmarks etc as our new home is on the network and no longer on .com

We'd also like to take this moment to thank all our regular contributors for their gallant efforts in bringing quality content to the network. Big Love x

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Flash Mob Music Video - Call for Skaters and Music Lovers

Calling all Skaters (Beginners, Intermediate, Pro) this is an invitation to appear in a music video produced for a band that could potentially become the UK's biggest Rock Band. The Fifty-Four Plates have been smashing festivals up and down the country with their latest single Rescue Me and plan to make 3 impromptu performances at three of London's most well known skating parks.  The band plan to play at least two acoustic songs at each location visited.  

Flying appearances are scheduled for three locations in London all of which are skate parks. The locations were chosen based on the fact that two members of the band, brothers Nolan and Nathan have been hardcore skaters since the very first day they ventured onto a board. Their love of music and skating has brought these two worlds together for what we hope to be a special performance.

We are looking for a crowd of people to come along and watch the band, while some people skate in background. Everyone will get a chance to be on film so bring your board if you have one. 

Times: 12pm / 3pm / 6pm

The band are scheduled to play at 3 locations in London;

1    12pm (Midday)
 Mile End Skatepark - Arches 415-416, Mile End Skatepark, Burdett Road, London E3 4AA

 2    3pm
Undercroft Skatepark - South Bank - Lambeth London, Greater London SE1 8XZ

Ladbroke Grove Skatepark - Bay Sixty6 Skate Park, 65         Acklam Rd, London W10 5YU ‎

Hook us up on twitter for up-to-the-minute information and news of our progress. 


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Friday 12 July 2013

The Fifty Four Plates - Rescue Me

We think its pretty obvious that we don't support TV talent shows such as X-Factor, The Voice or Britain's Got Talent. That doesn't take away the fact that many of these TV shows participants clearly do have talent and our respect goes out to those individuals. Its the robotic capital raising mechanics of the zoo like production houses behind the short term campaigns that leave a bitter taste. TV audiences actually believe the best talent in the UK are lining up to perform in front of pop music's sanctioned judges when in reality they are steering clear of the butcher houses deemed talent shows.

Just off the beaten track you can find homemade artistes sticking to their grassroots foundations and doing it the old fashion way. By actually getting out there and playing their socks off. Essex born band The Fifity Four Plates are causing a considerable stir within the ranks of the industry and further afield where it counts (the music fans).

First off their called The Fifty Four Plates in homage to William Blake which indicates a certain depth that of late has been lacking on the Brit scene. Before you go off to research Blake's 54 plates take time out to watch this video…The lads have even managed to persuade hard man and film actor Tamer Hassan to star in this video…

See them live this weekend - SATURDAY 13TH JULY @ Village Green Festival, Chalkwell Park. Southend on Sea. SS0 8NB

At long last something credible outside of the TOWIE Cult fixation in mainline Essex...Here is their DEBUT SINGLE RELEASE   'RESCUE ME'

Sunday 30 June 2013

Gutter - 'Halfway between the Gallery and the Street' - Exhibition 1st-9th August - 2013

Gutter - 'Halfway between the Gallery and the Street'

A MAJOR exhibition of graffiti, street art and fine art.

1st-9th August, 2013

(The warehouse behind) Carlton Café, 4 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, E3 2PA, London

RSVP for our event at

We bring together the often segregated world of street art/graffiti and that of the gallery. To expose artists to a wider public audience such as other artists, galleries, curators, arts and graffiti enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Gutter is going to be a SPECTACULAR of GRAFFITI, ART and HIP HOP culture including LIVE and spray painting, MC’s, beat boxers, break dancers, , DJ’s and FREE giveaways.


During the course of the exhibition there will be professional workshops in graffiti and break-dancing. Anyone interested in participating in the workshops please email

(check opening times below)

‘Gutter’ is curated by Artist/Curator Blair Zaye

Massive Collection of highly skilled artists

Aesop, Ali Hamish Campbell, ALO, Asboluv, Ben Oakley, BETA, Blair Zaye, BoxHead, Carne Griffiths, Dale Grimshaw, Dan Kitchener, Darren West, Djalouz, DMC, Elbone, ESKA, Frets, GOIN, Infinity Bunce, Andy Hamilton, Jimmy South, Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick, KEF!, Loes van Delft, Matthew Knight, Mydogsighs, Natcho, NME, Parlee, Pesca, Pistol, Roots, Sean Worrall, Snik, SNUB23, Soured J, SPZero76, Team Robbo, Inkie, Tony Driver, VanDali, Verz

Dates to Remember

Thursday 1st of August (First Thursday), 6-9pm - Art opening.

Friday 2nd of August, 6-10:30pm - Hip Hop Event

Beat boxers, break dancers, MC’s with backing band – Fat Gold Chain and DJ’s

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August, 1-6pm – Workshops

We are running breakdancing and spray painting classes. Anyone interested in participating in the workshops please email

Saturday 3rd - Friday 9th August, 1-6pm - exhibition is open.

Friday 9th August - Closing Party 6-10:30pm

Get down and see the brightest stars of Graffiti, Street, Fine Art and Hip Hop.

For more info check out

Don't forget to RSVP for our event at

Proud to be partners with

Ben Oakley Gallery

Cultivate Gallery

Graffik Gallery

Ironlak spray paint

LSD (London Street-Art and Design) Magazine

Haringey Arts

Carlton Café

Zap Graffiti Arts